Ragni Todi Lakshan Geet with Lyrics

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Ragni Todi Lakshan Geet with Lyrics

Introduction To Ragni Todi

Todi is a classical raga which gave its name to the Todi thaat, one of the ten types of classical music. Ragas from the Todi raganga include Todi (a.k.a. Miya ki Todi) itself, Bilaskhani Todi, Gurjari Todi, Asavari Todi and Bahaduri Todi.

The equivalent raga in Carnatic music is Shubhapantuvarali. The Carnatic raga Todi is the equivalent of Bhairavi and does not have any similarity to the general Todi.
"Raga Todi Lesson"

This is a morning Ragni pg the parent scale Todi and so can be called aashrya ragni of Todi thaat. This Ragni again is said to be the invention of Miyan Tansen and thus is commonly referred to as Miyan Ki Todi, It Uses all the seven notes in ascent and descent and thus can be put into the category of sampooran ragas,

Basic Information About Ragni Todi

Vadi: Komal Dha (d)
Samvadi: Komal Ga (g)
Pakad: g-M-d-M-g-r-g-r-S
Jaati: Sampooran
Time: 2 ( 9 pm - 12 am)

Ragni Todi Notation

Learn Harmonium Ragni Todi Lakshan Geet with Lyrics

Lakshan Geet with Lyrics of  Ragni Todi

Baiyaan pado tore re saiyaan
Baiyaan mori chod de
Dekhat hein san sang ke logwa
Banoo na a ree naadaan..
Baiyaan pado...


O beloved,
I fall at your feet and beg you
To leave my arm.

All fellow people are watching,
Don't act innocent
I fall at youe feet....

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