Raga Yaman Lakshan Geet with Lyrics

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Raga Yaman Lakshan Geet with Lyrics

Introduction To Raga Yaman

This is a very melodious raga and is derived from Kalyan Thaat. It is a Sampooran raga and uses all natural notes except for Madhayam, which is always sharpened( tiver madyam).
Yaman emerged from the parent musical style of Kalyan, itself a style of a classical Carnatic musical tradition called thaat. Considered to be one of the most fundamental ragas in the Hindustani Classical tradition, it is thus often one of the first ragas taught to students. In the context of traditional standards of performance, Yaman ragas are considered suitable to play at any time of the day, but they are traditionally performed in the evening.The common bandish of yaman taught to beginners is Sakhi Eri Ali Piya Bina.Complex bandish includes Aoo Aoo re balma.

This raga is very melodic nature and a very romantic feel, it commonly used for ghazals, bjajans and light classical music."Thaat Kalyan Lesson"

Basic Information About Ragni Todi

Vadi: Tiver Ga (G)
Samvadi : Tiver Ni (N)
Pakad: n/a
Jaati: Sampooran
Time: 5 ( 6 pm - 9 am)

Ragni Todi Notation

Learn Harmonium Raga Yaman Lakshan Geet with Lyrics

Lakshan Geet with Lyrics of  Raag Yaman

Aari aali piya bin,
Sakhi aari aali piya bin
Sakhi kalna padat mori
Gadi palchin din
Sakhi jab se piyaa
Pardes gaye knho
Ratiyaa katat more tare gin bin..

I am without my beloved,
O firend! i am without
my beloved,
My friend; I get not comfort,
It is difficult spending
every moment of the day

O Friend! Ever since my
Beloved has gone
to the foreign land,
I spend the night
counting the stars.

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