Raag Malhar Lakshan Geet with Lyrics

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Raag Malhar Lakshan Geet with Lyrics
Introduction To Raga or Raag Malhar

Malhar is an old Raga in Indian Classical Music. Malhar Raga is associated with the atmosphere of torrential rains, besides the basic Shuddha Malhar, Which was the original Malhar, There are several Malhar. related ragas that use the Malhar Signature.

According to legend, raga Malhar is so powerful that when sung, it can induce rainfall. It is possible that the rainfall that the legends speak of is, in fact, metaphorical of the state of mind brought about by the recital of the raga.

It is said That Miyan Tansen, invented this raga, Thought there are other forms of Malhar as well, like Ramdasi Malhar, Sur Malhar, Meera Malhar, but if Malhar said alone refers to Miyan Ki Malhar, This Raga is derived from its parent scale Kafi "Kafi Thaat Lesson" and is sing during the midnight. The third note Ga is flattened or Komal and the use of two N-s are very special, sometimes both of them are used one after the other. During the rainy season, this raga can be sung throughout the day.

Basic Information of Raga Malhar

Vadi: Pa(P)
Samvadi: Sa(S)
Jati: Audav- Sampoom
Pakad: S-R-P, gmRS-'n-'D-'N-S
Time: 9 pm to 12 am

Raga Malhar Notation

Learn Harmonium Raag Malhar Lakshan Geet with Lyrics

Lakshan Geet with Lyrics of Raga or Raag Malhar

Barasan laagee, re badarwa
Sawan ki kari ati bhari, mohe na suhavee
Umara Ghana Ghumar Garaj chamake
Ceeri ceeri pawan chale sadarang piyaa
mohe na suhavee
Mohe ati dan pave... re badarwa....
Barasan lage....

The clouds are showering,
The darkness of monsoons is
too heavy...
I don't like it

Ominous clouds rumble and thunder,
lightning flashes
Cool Cool breeze flows,
O Pure Coloured beloved,
I don't enjoy it,
I am very anxious.
These clouds...
It is raining....

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