Raag Bhairav Lakshan Geet with Lyrics

Raag Bhairav Lakshan Geet with Lyrics

Introduction to Raga or Raag Bhairav

Raag Bhairav is a Hindustani Classical heptatonic (Sampurna) Raag of "Bhairav Thaat". Traditionally it is a morning raga. In modern times, typically in Khyal Gayaki, it is usually performed as the beginning piece in concerts. It is the defining raga of its own Thaat.

Raga Bhairav is "Bhairav Thaat" raag.In Bhairav thaat ragas make use of Komal, Gandhar and Komal Dhaivat is one of the names of Lord Shiva. The Raga itself is extremely vast and allows a huge number of note combination and a great range of emotional qualities from valor to peace.
A characteristic feature of this raga is in the way the two flattened notes, ie, Re (r) and Dha (d) are used. Its almost always that while singing or playing Dha or Re, the notes immediately higher, that Ni (N), and Ga (G) are used as grace notes, Too much pause on Ga (G) and Ma (m) is also not allowed. Let's go through the following patterns to see how artists make variations keeping in the mind above features.

Basic Information of Raag Bhairav

Vadi: Komal Dha (d)
Samvadi: Komal Re (r)
Pakad: S-G-m-P-G-m-d-P-G-m-P-G-m-r-S
Jaati: Audav-Sampoorn
Bhaav: Shadj-Pancham
Time: (6 am - 9 am)
Arohi: S, r, G, m, P, d, N, S'
Amrohi: S', N, d, P, m, G, r,
Arohi: S-G-m-P-G-m-d-S'
Amrohi: S'-N-S'-d-P-G-m-P-G-m-r-S

Raag Bhairav Notation

Learn Harmonium Raag Bhairav Lakshan Geet with Lyrics

Lakshan Geet with Lyrics of Raga or  Raag Bhairav

Jaago mohan pyaree, tum
Tori sawari surat mohe man bhave
Uthiyee nand dularee.. uth jagoo

Pratah samaya utha bhanu udaya bhaya
Gawal baal sab bhoo parthade
Darshan ke sab bhooke pyase
Uth jaago mohan ....

Wake up, dear Krishna (Mohan)
I adore the look of your dusky face
Wake up, Nanda's beloved one, Wake up
At daybreak the Sun has arisen
to bring the dawn
All heardsmen are waiting at the grounds
All are longing to get your glimpse
Now wake up, O Mohanan