Raag Bhairavi Lakshan Geet with Lyrics

Raag Bhairavi Lakshan Geet with Lyrics

Introduction to Raga or Raag Bhairavi

Ragni Bhairavi is another most famous ragni from the category of "Sandhi-Parkash Ragas". In old ancient system of "Raga - Ragni" system of classification. it was regarded as a ragni, a feminine raga and spouse of raga Bhairav.
Ragni Bhairavi is a morning Ragni and is dericed from "Thaat Bhairavi" Re, Ga, Dha and Ni are Komal (flat) and shown by small letters. P and S are achal swar that is without a saathi swar.
In this raagni all seven notes in the ascent as well as descent, Its vaadi swar is P and samvaadi swar is S. Its bhaav is Shadj-Pamcha. Its Jati os Sampoorn - Sampoorn.

This Ragni is rarely Used in Khayal Music but is very commonly used in Thumri, Ghazzals, Punjabi folk music and is usually encountered at the end of performance. In ragni bhairavi, shuddh Re, Ga, Dha, Ni and Tiver Ma are all vivadis so each one can be taken in a certain way to embellish the raga.

Basic Information of Raag Bhairavi

Vadi : Tiver Pa (P)
Samvadi : Sa (S)
Jaati : Sampooran - Sampooran
Pakad : 'n S g m d P g m P g m r S
Time or Pahar : 6 am to 9 am
Arohi : S r m g P d n S'
Amrohi : S' n d P m g r S
Pakad : 'n S g m d P g m P g m r S

Raag Bhairavi Notation

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Lakshan Geet with Lyrics of Raga or  Raag Bhairavi

Kasi yeh bahlayee re kanhayee
Paniyaa bharan gayee gagari
Karat Ladayee...

Sanad kahe asio dheeth bahayoo kanhayee
Ka karoo mayee nahin manta kanhayee
Karat Ladiyee...


How impish is this Krishna,
I went to fetch water and he broke my vessel,
He squabbles...

Sanad says that Krishna
has become such a brat
What should i do ?
O mother ! Krishna would't mend his ways
He squabbles