Raga Pilu Basic Lesson : Learn Harmonium

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Classical Raga Pilu Basic Lesson

Raga Pilu is a light classical raga or thumri that is quite varied. Like Bhairavi, all the 12 notes can be used in a composition. Since the structure of the raga is left to the artist's style and interpretation, it is sometimes referred to as Misra Pilu ("mixed version of Pilu") which incorporates not only the main notes but grace notes like komal re, suddha Ga, tivra Ma, komal dha, and both Nis.

Moods: Bhakti, Ebullience of folk love (often samuh-gaan, with clapping of hands). Many Krishna bhajans are in this raga.
Other Ragas in Thaat Kafi:
Aaroha: 'N S g m P N S'
Avaroha: S' n D P d m g R S 'N g S
Thaat: Kafi
Pakad: g m d P g S R 'N g S
Prahar: Anytime
Other variations:
G P d P mg R S N S
S g R g S R 'N S, G m n P g - S
S g R S 'N S 'N - 'P 'd 'P 'N S - g R g 'N S